Take your karaoke experience to a whole new level with Live Band Karaoke! Now you can rock the stage with a real rock band providing back-up vocals, pounding drums, thrashing guitar solos, a thumping bass guitar and YOU as the lead singer. Our Live Band Karaoke catalogue includes over 300 performances of the most popular Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classic & Metal songs of all time! Just choose from any of our Live Band Karaoke Menu songs and hit the stage to be transformed into a real live rock star. Our band will “Rock Out” alongside you and deliver the ultimate performance!

Karaokings has toured with Slayer, Papa Roach, Sevendust, Motörhead, & More. Karaokings has also performed with members of Evanescence Anthrax, POD, Lamb of God, Stone Sour, Living Colour, Five Finger Death Punch, & others.



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